Introduction to beneficiation production line of gravel equipment

Gravel equipment beneficiation production line equipment, mainly from the rack, the horizontal axis, moving cone, balance wheel, eccentric sleeve, upper crushing wall (fixed cone), under the crushing wall (dynamic cone), fluid couplings, lubrication system, hydraulic system, control system, and other components.

The process of sand production line than the above two complex roughly as follows: (Silo) - Vibrating Feeder - Jaw Crusher - ① The Crusher machine - vibrating screen - (finished stone) ② Impact shaker crusher - - sand washing machine - (finished sand) which, vibrating screen can be shared, you can also separately for each device the middle of the chute or belt conveyor different physical transmission.

Raw materials, plant, and often need to sand and gravel material public production line, Starling Heavy dy series of highly efficient aggregates production line equipment will be able to meet the needs of the stone and artificial sand at the same time production requirements.

In 2011, the countries in order to support the localization of the crusher trend to promote the development of of broken machinery - gravel equipment, released on the promotion of deep prospecting work guidance to promote the solid mineral exploration in China to expand the deep. Shows that the mining machinery and equipment will be facing a new round of industry demand, indicates that the mine the mechanical device gravel equipment industry boom is expected to continue rising and continuation.

In addition, with the economic development in recent years, heavy industry of the pillars of the industry, the government in order to support the crusher industry development, to help it through the financial crisis, the provisions of the Ministry of Finance for large non-highway mining trucks its key components and raw materials imported tax policy adjustments. Import duties and import VAT on imported core parts of the implementation of the front-end retreat for the research, development, production, and innovation capacity-building of the new products.

ore tube drier:

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