Unnatural sound of vibrating feeder indicates something is wrong with it

Vibrating feeder also can be called vibrating feeding machine. Vibratory feeder in the production line can transport the material with the shape of massive and particles smoothly to the feeding device in a stable time, which can continuously feed the raw material to the crushing mechanical machine for such as long time beyond our imagination and which also can help to screen the coarse and fine product of mining machine, that is the reason why it can be used in the industries of metallurgy, coal ore, ore dressing, building material, chemical industry and grinding material in order to reach the purpose of combination of crushing and screening in the production line of mining machinery. Vibrating grizzly feeder can convey the material to the feeding device in the stable speed in order to avoid the stoppage of the feeding door. This machine takes the advantage of centrifugal force made by block rotation of eccentric vibrator, which can make the vibrator, movable portion and sieve compartment to continuously move all the time.

With low noise, low power consumption and good regulating performance, vibrating feeder in the mineral processing production line plays an essential role. Branch sail feeder is feeder liner, has obvious advantages, such as simple structure, safe operation, stable vibration, light weight, small size, easy to debug and install, maintenance convenient, use a long time, but more importantly , it can prevent dust contamination, when applied to the body of the closed structure.

Feeder conservation requirements:

1 It is better to detect the amplitude, the motor current and motor processes in periodically vibrating feeder outside degrees. It requires sway amplitude should be uniform regardless of the beginning or end. And the vibration of the motor current should be stable. If the machine is in an abnormal state of the case, stop immediately.

2 vibration motor bearing lubricants is the vibrating feeder safe operation of focus. In the use of the process, it is best perennial grease. Typically, the grease should be lubricated every 3 months. But in the hot season, oil should be changed every month. The motor should overhaul once every six months, at the same time, changing the interior.

3 feeder lubrication requirements. Feeder used to make thin grease lubrication. Grease should be based on the use of premises and the use of temperature selection. Normally, it is better to use gear oil which should ensure a high degree of oil is above the thin oil pointer.

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